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יום ג׳, 06 ביולי



Get-A-Way with Chizuk Mission

Get-A-Way with Chizuk Mission
Get-A-Way with Chizuk Mission

Time & Location

06 ביולי 2021, 10:00 GMT-4‎ – 07 ביולי 2021, 20:00 GMT-4‎

Suffern, Three, Executive Blvd, Suffern, NY 10901, USA


About the Event

The Program is in formation and subject to change:

July 6th

10 - 11am:        Brunch and Schmooze

11am:                Welcome remarks by Barrie Feld

11:20am:          Keynote Speaker, Chani Juravel (with Q&A) “The Three Weeks: Finding the Simcha in the tougher times”.

                            There’s nothing like having clarity about our purpose, power and potential. 

                            This class will give us a deeper appreciation and understanding of the pain we are all living through in                  

these confusing times. It will then steer us toward recognizing our ability to deal with and grow through it in a new, empowering ways.


1pm:                  Choice between two speakers; Mina Glick or Rabbi Ari Senter

2:15pm:             Enneagram with Shaindy Perl – “Out of the Box” – Empowered growth and personal transformation through self-awareness and Enneagram personality insights.

                            Enneagram is one of the most powerful and insightful tools for understanding ourselves and others. At its core, the Enneagram helps us to see ourselves at a deeper, more objective level and can be of invaluable assistance on our path to self-knowledge.

3:45pm:           Time for Mincha

4:00pm:           Depart for off-site programming

4:30pm:           Facilitated Breakouts/Workshops by the Pool

6:30pm:           Dinner

7:45pm:           Paint Night lead by Barrie Feld

8:31pm:            Shkiah, time for Maariv

8:45pm:           Kumzitz

July 7th

7:30am:           (Optional Choices) Shachris at Ribnitser Rebbe's Kever

8:45am:           Barre Class at the hotel with Aviva Polter

                            What is Barre?

                            Barre is a total body workout that incorporates ballet, pilates, yoga, cardio and bodyweight-training.  

                            It is low-impact and high intensity.  It is for all ages, fitness levels and body types.  

                            Barre helps strengthen and tone your muscles, your core and improves your posture. 

                            It also increases cardiovascular endurance and metabolism, which helps to quickly burn calories. 

                            Regular barre workouts can increase your bone density.

                            It is a fabulous way to get fit and strong – and will bring out your femininity and grace.

                            Barre is done in Socks, or yoga socks, or barefoot - no sneakers needed.

9:30am:           Breakfast

10:20am:           Keynote Speaker, Rabbi Zacharia Wallerstein - "The Chosen"

11:45am:         Shiur, Rachel Shaool - "Knowing Your Self Worth" - 

                            v'ahavta l'reacha kamocha, you cannot love someone without loving yourself

12:45pm:        Lunch

1:45pm:          Vision board with Hudy Abrams

                           Dream Big! Design your own vision board and discover the transformative power of setting your intentions for a year of awesomeness!

Depart for off-site programming

3:15pm:         Breakout/Panel by the pool

4:15pm:         Special Presentation from Fally Klein - “Feel Free to Change Your Mind” Discover how your reality is entirely up to you. Food. Breath. Religion. Intimacy. Money. Wonder what these major life forces have in common? YOU. You are the common denominator in every major area of your life.

Are you a reactor to life’s experience, or the creator of yours? The difference between reactor and creator?

Where you put the C. Reality is subjective- how you see the world is entirely up to you!

Life doesn’t happen to you. It happens through you.

Join us for an experiential lecture that will leave you amazed at the power you hold within.

Time for Mincha

6:00pm:         Speaker, Leba Schwebel

6:30pm:         Dinner & Closing Symposium

Day Rates available


  • 2day Full Program Registration

    This registers you for both days of the program.

    ‏550.00 $
    המכירה הסתיימה
  • Day Rate

    Please indicate in the registration form, which day you are coming to, Tuesday July 6th OR Wednesday July 7th.

    ‏299.00 $
    המכירה הסתיימה

סך הכל

‏0.00 $

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